HDMI Male to HDMI Female 90-Degree Port Saver

HDMI Male to HDMI Female 90-Degree Port Saver

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Change the angle of the cable plugged into an HDMI port using this HDMI Port Saver from Monoprice Sometimes the HDMI ports on a TV or Blu-ray Disc player are positioned in such a way that causes angular strain forces when a heavy cable is plugged into the port. 

For example, if your HDMI ports are on the side of your TV, a cable will stick straight out, causing gravity-induced angular forces on the port. 

These forces can cause premature failure of the port, rendering your expensive equipment worthless. 

This port saver changes the angle to help eliminate the excessive strain forces. 

If your TVs HDMI ports are on the left side (when facing the screen) and the narrow side of the HDMI connector is towards the front of the TV, the cable will be routed downward. 

It is constructed of zinc-alloy to help eliminate stray RF and EM interference and features a smooth-touch, rubberized finish. 

The connector shell and pins are gold-plated for smooth, corrosion-free connections. 

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